About Us (and by "us", I mean "me")

Squadron Disc Golf LLC is owned and operated entirely by one person...me. I'm Stuart Miller, and I'd like to personally thank you for your interest in my company. I'm originally from Long Beach, California, I'm an artist and graphic designer, and above all, I'm an avid disc golfer! I first played disc golf with a baby blue Innova DX Shark at some point in the mid 90's at El Dorado Park in Long Beach, California, directly across the street from my childhood home. My big brother Ben introduced me to the game, and I played all through my teens and early 20's; and then I got lost for a while. In late 2014, I finally surrendered and checked myself into rehab for alcoholism: That day, my life truly began. Within months I rediscovered my affinity for disc golf, needing a physical outlet that could aid in my recovery. Before long I was traveling to play new courses (all the way to Sweden!), learning to dye discs, and competing in weekly tournaments at La Mirada. In late 2019 I quit my former job, one that came with bi-annual bonuses and full benefits, and founded Squadron. I utilized my skills in art and graphic design to create the brand's core imagery while learning all I could about heat applied apparel decoration. I purchased a top of the line Hotronix Fusion IQ heat press, and away we went! Just days after the five year anniversary of my quitting drinking, Squadron took its first order in late February of 2020, a few weeks before the world changed forever. 2020 was a challenge like no other, but we're still flying high with no plans to touch down anytime soon! Thanks again for your time and attention and remember: When you're with your Squadron, you'll never fly solo!